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Packing and Crating Services


Custom Crate Services is South Florida’s premier crating service.  We offer a variety of services to safely transport your valuable, heavy and unique items. With the ability to custom design a crate with a variety of dimensions, all of your precious and priceless items will arrive at their destination the same way they departed. You can trust us to create the best solution and handle all the details for transporting your cherished goods.

We understand that there are several things to consider when shipping your valuable cargo that will enable its safe transport.  Our experts at Custom Crate Services will work with you to carefully design a vessel that will meet the needs of your specific items. Working together, we’ll help you to make knowledgeable decisions that will be most suitable for successfully shipping your important assets.

Container Selection

Selecting the correct container to ship your goods is critical. Depending on the size, weight, fragility, value and destination requirements of each piece, our engineering team will determine the type of container style which will best suit your item’s needs. From wrapped, padded and packed we ensure safe, damage free travel.

Whenever shipping a wooden container, there are additional things that will be evaluated by our experts at Custom Crate Services. Securing the crate onto a skid or pallet with bolting, steel strapping, saddles and bracing improves the stability of each piece.

Sometimes a Skid or pallet can be a more affordable alternative to a wooden crate. The difference between the two is that a pallet is a wooden platform without sides that can be utilized for moving, shipping and storing certain products. They can be custom built to accommodate a particular load of materials.

Pickup Available

If you’re unable to bring your item to us, Custom Crate Services offers pickup for crating.  Our team of experts will come to your location to evaluate to create a customized container that will protect your items with special care. We also offer hassle-free delivery of crates to your destination of choice for shipping or storage

International Packing and Crating

Do you ship internationally? It may require that additional standards be met.  The most common when shipping from the US is the bug stamp mark or ISPM-15 stamp.  This certifies that the wood used for the crates has been treated to reduce the risk of pest infestation. At Custom Crate Services, we understand that if your wood crates don’t pass the test, foreign authorities have the right to fumigate or even destroy a shipment without notification. Therefore we take special care to inspect and document the incoming and outgoing wood types to confirm it’s compliant.

For businesses that need transportation of their trade show booths or displays, our engineers will design and produce a specialty container. Even if you reuse it frequently, our customization will optimize the space to ensure that everything will fit like a glove every time.  Rest easy knowing everything is secured with a variety of protective cushioning and sturdy hardware. Let our experts handle all of the details for you.